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17 July 2021

David and guide dog Jimbo will reach the height of Mt Everest on August 8th -;

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28 April 2021

International Guide Dog Day - 28th April 2021 Every year on the last Wednesday in April, International Guide Dog Day honours guide dogs and the amazing work these companions do for those who are blind. The European Guide Dog Federation sends it thanks to all trainers, puppy walkers, fundraisers, campaigners and volunteers on this special day. Most countries have now ensured freedom of access to these highly trained animals; however some countries are a bit behind the times and we urge those who are not up to scratch to avoid the double discrimination suffered by some guide dog teams who are refused access. Today, the European Guide Dog Federation sends you this appeal for help from our Swedish members: As a guide dog handler living in Sweden you can never take it for granted that shops, cafés, gyms and hospitals will let you in. When you apply for a job or attend a course, you never know if you will be told to leave the dog at home. The anxiety about possible refusals means some guide dog handlers may stay at home. This restricts the Independence that a guide dog provides to a blind or visually impaired person. For more than a decade, complaints from guide dog handlers have been sent to the ombudsman for discrimination, but have so far not led to any consequences. We want to make it obvious to our politicians that we are far behind many comparable countries. If you live in a country where blind people accompanied by guide dogs may go wherever they want, please send a message to the Swedish Minister for Democracy, and tell her what it is like. Tell her that you want the guide dog handlers in Sweden to enjoy the same freedom as you do. It will have an impact if the minister gets postcards from all over the world. But e-mails work fine. Write to her today on Guide Dog Day on April 28th, 2021 or as soon as you can! Address: Märta Stenevi, Regeringskansliet, 103 33 Stockholm, Sweden. e-mail: If you want to get in touch with the Swedish Association of Guide Dog Handlers (SLHF), send an e-mail to Thanks for your support and solidarity. Find out more about the European Guide Dog Federation here:

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21 April 2021

How do guide dogs know where they are going? Check out this video and share a few enjoy;

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15 March 2021


04 March 2021

We have been made aware of an eBay UK listing where a seller is listing  bogus Guide Dogs UK tags. This is unacceptable behaviour and has been reported to eBay. It can be a criminal offence for anyone to falsely claim their dog is a genuine guide dog, particularly where there is any financial or pecuniary advantage. We stand against this unacceptable behaviour;

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05 February 2021