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04 March 2021

We have been made aware of an eBay UK listing where a seller is listing  bogus Guide Dogs UK tags. This is unacceptable behaviour and has been reported to eBay. It can be a criminal offence for anyone to falsely claim their dog is a genuine guide dog, particularly where there is any financial or pecuniary advantage. We stand against this unacceptable behaviour;

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05 February 2021

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05 February 2021

Image of BLIND airport assistance gone wrong - 'she tried to pull my knickers down'

30 January 2021

How good do you feel airport travel is for guide dog users? Do you recognise any of the types of experience shared by Siobhan (Blind Girl Vlogs)? Tell us some of yours, good as well as bad;

Image of Guide dogs playing: Dedicated to Puppy Raisers Jill, Shaun and Clare & ALL Puppy raisers

25 December 2020

A huge shout out to poppy razors and puppy walkers around the world, past and present this little video comes from one of our trustees, Sean and his wife, Siobhan, both guide dog users.;

Image of London to Bucharest Romania for £10 : Guide dog Marty's first flight

06 December 2020

Who’s missing international travel? Our trustee Sean, and his wife Siobhan recorded this video last year for one of member school Light Into Europe’s many excellent fundraising events. In case anyone wants a flash back to more normal times - check this out;

Image of

27 November 2020

Wishing Killian all the best with this exciting challenge, and looking forward to supporting him through our network

Image of White cane safety day 2020 2020 #WhiteCaneDay

15 October 2020

Today is #WhiteCaneDay - otherwise known as White Cane Safety Awareness Day. We asked Siobhan from the Blind Girl Vlogs YouTube channel to make us a short video. Check out the video and let her know what you think in the comments and leave any comments here too;